Corporate Consulting Services

Millennium Corporate Consulting specialises in assisting facilities to improve their admission process in a truly client focused efficient manner.

Millennium has been operating for over 16 years and has now placed over 4500 residents into aged care. We have seen hundreds of facilities all around Australia. We have experienced 1000’s of tours from the client’s perspective.

We understand what works.

Millennium has established an experienced team of consultants that are able to assist your organisation to face the challenges of the new consumer driven market.

John Meckiff

Anita Grindlay

Jayne Maini

Dana Sawyer

Our services

  • Staff Training
  • Secret Shopping (experience)
  • Admission process review
  • Future care cost reporting (long term care plans)


Robyn, QLD, March 2016

“External help is needed to navigate through the order of things that need to be completed by the family seeking residential aged care for their loved one. When families are emotional, help from a consultant takes a lot of stress off the family; someone thinking clearly and emotionally detached while still being caring, detailed and helpful. It was great to have our consultant set up appointments to visit facilities we had submitted applications to.”